Beyonce pregnant, she is accused of plagiarism for her pregnancy pictures

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

Bad buzz for Beyoncé! While she has just announced her pregnancy by revealing herself in Eve’s outfit in a series of photos, Internet users accuse her of plagiarism!
Did Beyoncé plagiarize the idea of ​​her latest photoshoot? This is the question to which his fans expect an answer. Because yes, for a few days, the American singer is at the center of all the attentions. The reason ? The announcement of her pregnancy on Instagram that left no one indifferent. Because the published photo quickly became the most beloved social network beating that of Selena Gomez . To mark the occasion, Queen B was then unveiled pregnant and naked in a series of photos shared on his personal website. A real surprise for all her admirers and admirers who did not expect that. But while Beyonce made sensation with these sublime clichés, some Internet users could not help but notice the detail that annoys …
As you know, Beyonce whose father was not aware that she was expecting twins , has unveiled dressed in lingerie to announce her pregnancy. Kneeling in front of a halo of flowers, a long veil over her head, the singer did not do things half. Except that very quickly, netizens have noticed the similarity between this picture and an extract of the next POWA clip of singer MIA, to be published on Monday 6th of January. Therefore, many of them are on the frontlines arguing that the mother of Blue Ivy deliberately copied the artist of Sri Lankan origin . “Beyonce stole the idea of MIA, hello” wrote a user on Twitter , while another adds: “I love Beyoncé But she is clearly inspired by MIA It is evident and it always has.. summer.” But can we actually accuse the interpreter of “Formation” of having plagiarized his pictures of pregnancy? We’ll let you judge . Jay Z’s girlfriend she will react to this accusation? Case to follow. Decidedly, it will heat up in the sphere people. And you, what do you think of this matter?