Beyonce pregnant, she plays with the nerves of her fans!

Entertainment 31 May, 2017

So, when is the big day? Beyonce’s fans are watching for details of the next delivery of their idol.
Is the big day coming soon? This is the question that all fans of the singer are asking! Yes, according to several theories, Beyoncé had to give birth between the month of April and that of May . Well, that sounds a bit compromised. The interpreter of “Drunk in Love” always displays his baby bump on the Web with still more arty pictures. On the last of her, the wife of Jay Z appears in blue underwear with Blue Ivy in his arms. Obviously, the shot was liked by millions of fans in a matter of seconds. But then, the latter begin to get impatient and above all, they have the head that turn with these photos to the thousand interpretations. Color, holding, jewelry …
Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Beyoncé is playing the mamma fashionista. She reveals her daily life as a pregnant woman by posting photos of her different looks but also of her activities in parallel. But here, what most intrigues the fans of Queen B, are his outfits. If the international star varies between skinny dress and jean slim, the colors chosen by Bey intrigue not badly . Is she trying to get a message about the sex of her twins? In any case, if Beyoncé has created controversy recently with other pregnant women, it has managed to mark the spirits, despite a rather significant absence in recent times. This Beyoncé will always surprise us!