Beyonce pregnant, she stays sporty!

Entertainment 13 March, 2017

Beyonce is pregnant with twins, but she does not let go! Discover the very sporting program of the star …
Beyonce fans have a crazy theory about the twins’ first names ! They noticed that the star sported a lot of red and green clothes and jewelry, and they think that after calling his daughter Blue Ivy, Beyoncé could draw inspiration from these colors for the names of his twins. An original theory but that could well prove right, since the beautiful visibly wants unique names for her children! Beyoncé announced her pregnancy a month ago, but she did not give more details. What is sure, however, is that the singer does not let go. According to a source from the site Us Weekly , Beyonce follows a very sporting program! The star has become a fan of SoulCycle gym clubs , Inside and exercises for the entire body. According to the magazine, Jay Z’s wife wants to keep her curves of dreams and want to remain active in a gentle way.
According to the source: “Beyonce attends classes several times a week” . The star had to cancel her performance for the Coachella festival because of her pregnancy, but she does not want to give up being active. She is also very busy: Beyonce has to deal with the jealousy crisis of Blue Ivy , who obviously has mixed feelings about having little brothers and sisters: “Blue Ivy becomes extremely jealous because her mother Is more concerned about her baby bump than she is, it makes her sad that her mother is about to have two more children, she is crying a lot and doing whims. Anger and does not even know why ” . It’s not easy to give up on her status as a single child, but we’re sure Beyoncé and Jay Z will do everything to make this change happen smoothly. Whether in her professional life or in her personal life, Queen Bey manages! What do you think about Beyonce’s program?