Beyonce pregnant with Jay-Z: She finally shares the adorable photos of their wedding anniversary

Entertainment 7 April, 2017

Beyonce and Jay-Z have just celebrated their 9th anniversary. However, the actress has just unveiled the adorable photos of their birthday a year ago. Discover them immediately!
Better late than never as they say, and Beyonce understood it . The singer is a full-blown woman. She is pregnant with twins and lives with love and fresh water with her husband Jay-Z. Moreover, the couple celebrated this week its nine years of marriage, and especially happiness! For this special occasion, Beyoncé and Jay-Z made a romantic date for their wedding anniversary and shared a video recounting their highlights. If Queen B did not reveal photos of this evening, she did not fail to share that of last year. Yes, these are clichés of their trip to celebrate their eight years of marriage in 2016 that she wanted to share. Attention emotions in sight, these photos are adorable!
To prove to the world that they love each other as they did on the first day, Beyoncé shared pictures of their sublime trip to the Grand Canyon to celebrate their eight years of marriage. Their little Blue Ivy was obviously of the party and these photographs prove to us that they form a perfect family. To discover them, click HERE . Bey can not afford to go to the other end of the world, but she wanted to share her last year’s trip with her fans. These photos show the couple enjoying the incredible view of the Grand Canyon in their arms while sipping a little wine. On others, they are both in a helicopter. What a handsome couple ! In any case, Their family will soon grow and we are eager to discover the boiling of their children, but in the meantime, discover what is the sex of the twins of Beyoncé according to a clue given by the star! What do you think of these pictures?