Beyonce pregnant with twins, babies sex unveiled?

Entertainment 2 February, 2017

This is the news that no one expected! Beyoncé is pregnant with twins. But then, has she just revealed the sex of her babies …
This is a news that pleases to hear! While Beyoncé was absent from the people’s sphere for several months, the international star made a sensation with a simple photo Instagram. We discover that Beyonce is pregnant . In a very moving message, the interpreter of “Drunk In Love” reveals that not one but two babies expected. Yes, Queen B knows to surprise his fans. Obviously, the staging was a must for the world-famous artist. It is found in underwear, the belly well exposed, in a flower bed. Now, fans of Beyonce wonder two things: what will be the baby names and especially, what is the sex of unborn children Carter? Has Bey just released the song?
The picture is just perfect! Everything was calculated by Beyoncé and Jay Z for this picture do fly and he did. We talk about Queen B anyway! What strikes the Net surfers is the color of the singer’s underwear. We discovered that she wears a pink bra while her bottom is blue. Is she going to reveal that she was expecting a boy and a girl? Of course, the mother of Blue Ivy also may have wanted to leave some doubt. In any case, for the time being, the Carter couple has not planned to make any new announcements about it. One thing is certain pregnancy Beyonce has challenged his fans . Are we going to beat the record of the most liked photo on the Web? Business to follow!