Beyonce pregnant with twins, fans react!

Entertainment 2 February, 2017

The news has just fallen! Beyoncé is pregnant with twins and this has had the effect of a bomb on the Internet. Discover immediately the reaction of the fans.
Breaking news ! Beyonce is pregnant with twins, it’s official! The pop star shared the happy news about her Instagram and all media relayed the information. She posted a photo of her baby bump apparant with the following caption: “We want to share our love and joy We were blessed and twice We are grateful that our family magnifies and doubling and we.. thank you for your wishes – The Carter ” . Bey was very discreet lately just like her husband Jay Z and we understand better why. The RNB star has managed to conceal her pregnancy until today, but of course, at some point it is no longer possible to camouflage her baby bump. Anyway it is a very nice news for the couple and for many fans. Besides, what do they think? Immediately discover their reactions on social networks!
Just the announcement of her pregnancy revealed, Queen B has become the star of social networks. Thousands of fans have commented on this great news and to say that there is something for all tastes. In the space of a few hours, there are over 969,000 Tweets about Beyonce and her pregnancy . If the big trend proves that the fans are happy and wish their congratulations to the couple, others look for theories on first names while some point finger this disproportionate surge on the social networks. We can absolutely find all the reactions on Twitter and some are quite hilarious since the users use ds gifs more funs than the others. One thing is certain, you, what do you think of Beyonce’s pregnancy?