Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Leonardo DiCaprio … and if the celebrities were characters of Star Wars!

Entertainment 4 May, 2017

While the special day StarWars #MayTheFourth continues on melty, it’s time to have fun. Riri, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez … what character the saga the people could represent?
The Force is great in this May 4th 2017! Yes, as you know meltynauts, today we celebrate Star Wars Day , May the Fourth Be With You . Like what, the calendar does things right. Moreover, the editorial of melty chose to dedicate this day to the mythical saga of George Lucas. After focusing on the 10 cult replicas of Star Wars , we wondered what our dear beloved people might look like in the distant galaxy … far away. Whether Beyoncé, who is about to give birth , Nina Dobrev or Selena Gomez, these celebrities could very well slip into the shoes of Dark Vader, Rey or Kylo Ren.
Beyonce in Chancellor Palpatine / Dark Sidious
Our very dear Queen B hides her game well. If she appears to be enjoyable and very accessible, this is not the case. Like Lord Sith, Dark Sidious , aka Chancellor Palpatine, Beyoncé controls what she does and seems ready to do anything to reach her goal. One must be wary of appearances (The Voice, come out of this body)
Leonardo DiCaprio as Yoda master
In all situations, Leo always has the right word. Yes, even when he received the Oscar for Best Actor for The Revenant , he wanted to put forward an important subject that is close to his heart, the climate. Well, just like Yoda, Leo has his flaws! However, we must admit that he is ultra stylish and that we see him fighter with Beyoncé as in episode 3, The Revenge of the Siths (to wit, of course!).
Selena Gomez in Rey
Like Selena Gomez, Rey has her doubts and sometimes has trouble overcoming some obstacles. We all remember the moment when the interpreter of “Slow Down” decided to take a break to refocus on herself last August. But then, when she decided to shine, Seli radiates completely. We do not know for you, but we were really looking forward to the Rey formation by Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi .
Kim Kardashian in Kylo Ren
Why see Kim K in Kylo Ren? Just because the new big bad of the new trilogy has a name that begins with K. After a completely missed joke (and we assume it), here are the real reasons. Well, Kylo Ren, aka Ben Solo , may have killed his father, but we know that , basically , he is not that bad. This reminds us a little of the wife of Kanye West who, despite her b * tch and materialistic side, is a true lamb.
Nina Dobrev in Padme Amidala
Like Padme, Nina Dobrev has a strong character . When she wants something, she does everything to get it and nothing stops her. The former actress of The Vampire Diaries is also a real warrior. Sport of high level, adrenaline … one sees well to fight with Anakin in the heart of the arena in episode 2, The Attack of the Clones . Basically, Nina, it’s Padme! But then, who to represent the love of his life?
Justin Bieber en Anakin Skywalker
Well, we do not see Nina Dobrev and Justin Bieber together in real life at all (put it in context). However, the Biebs would make a perfect Anakin Skywalker . Just like the character, the interpreter of “Baby” has its dark side. Nothing can make him flinch and we saw that his dark side sometimes leads him to do unexpected things. But here, little Justin always arrives to find the Force in him and to change that. Big up to you guy!
Kendall Jenner in R2D2
And you say to yourself, “Why?” And we have the answer! Kendall Jenner would make a perfect R2D2. Like the droid, she is cunning and always comes up with solutions to get out of trouble. She is brave and taff enormously to have what she wants. What’s more, Kendall Jenner is a real friend . When one of her BFF needs her (cuckoo Bella Hadid), she answers present … R2 what!