Beyoncé: The birth certificate of his twins Rumi and Sir unveiled!

Entertainment 19 July, 2017

It is beautiful, it is hot and has just arrived. The birth certificate of the twins Beyoncé, Rumi and Sir, has just been unveiled. So who came first?

It’s a magical moment that Beyoncé lived a little over a month ago. After announcing her pregnancy on her Instagram account, the international singer gave birth to her twins. However, this beautiful pink notebook was tarnished by the hospitalization of the babies of Queen B. Born prematurely, Carter children had to stay several days in observation. Fortunately, everything is going well today. Moreover, as was seen in the first official photo of the twins of Beyoncé, they seem to wear beautifully. Today, we finally discover who Sir or Rumi Carter arrived first. The birth certificate of the twins Bey and JAY-Z was unveiled.
So, who pointed the tip of his nose first? Well, according to the birth certificate of the twins Beyoncé and the rapper, it is indeed little Rumi who pushed her first cry on June 13th at 5:13 am. A few seconds later, his brother also came to push the song. You feel the heated debates during family meals? In any case, to discover the birth certificate of Sir and Rumi Carter, just click HERE. In any case, after unveiling the first shot of infants, one can only notice the significant loss of weight of Beyoncé. The star wants to return to the top and she is ready to do anything to get there.