Beyoncé’s mom of twins, how does she feel after giving birth?

Entertainment 14 July, 2017

Absent from social networks since she gave birth, Beyoncé takes advantage of her two babies. But how has she been since they were born? Discover it now!

It was the announcement that shocked the Web. When Beyoncé revealed to the world that she was pregnant at the beginning of February with a post published on Instagram, no one expected it. And the birth of his twins that took place on June 19, was done in the utmost discretion. Definitely, Queen B is gifted to keep her secrets. Anyway, the news did not fail to please the Beyhive who hastened to congratulate the mother for this good news. Besides, you may not know, but when Beyonce gave birth to her twins, her daughter Blue Ivy was very jealous at first. Not easy not to be the only child. But the girl soon became more comfortable and now behaves like a real big sister. But while Jay-Z’s wife is resting away from media madness, how does she feel after giving birth?

If Beyoncé has unveiled the true names of his twins, the song star has still not appeared on the Web and fans are beginning to worry. But let them reassure themselves! According to a source who confided in Hollywood Life, Jay-Z’s wife is doing very well: “Beyoncé is recovering faster than she would have expected. She was expecting her babies [the premature birth of her twins, editor’s note], she quickly regains her hair, her energy returns to normal and her body is magnificent, taking her time to regain her form and take advantage of her family.” Still according to the indiscreet, the interpreter of “Formation” is happy. If we do not know when Queen B will make her big comeback, chances are it will not go unnoticed. Meanwhile, let’s hope she gets rest. And you, do you look forward to seeing Beyoncé active on social networks?