Big Little Lies: Does Reese Witherspoon confirm a season 2?

Cinema 11 May, 2017

Several weeks after the end of the broadcast of Big Little Lies on HBO and on OCS in France, it is possible that a season 2 is in preparation …
We wondered more than a month ago whether a season 2 was possible for Big Little Lies and it may well be that the actress Reese Witherspoon, who embodied Madeline Mackenzie and was also executive producer, just confirmed it on His Instagram account . Indeed, even if the adaptation of the novel by Liane Moriarty was perfect in mini series of 7 episodes, the fans ask for more and the actresses do not seem against this idea . As you can see below, Reese Witherspoon is pictured with Nicole Kidman (Celeste Wright) and Laura Dern (Renata Klein) with the legend “Spending #SundayFunday with these ladies …” To explain that ”
The director of the mini-series Jean-Marc Vallée has already explained that he was not really in favor of a second season and that if it were to materialize, it would certainly not be part of it. You have to admit that we tend to be more in agreement with him since Big Little Lies proved to be grand, the tension climbing in crescendo until a final season as powerful as beautiful. To offer him a suite would inevitably reduce the impact of the seven episodes already broadcast, even if one suspects that the result could be very sympathetic. Author Liane Moriarty has already announced that she will take part in the sequel if it materializes since the producers have already asked her to think about new ideas for a second season . In short, Things seem to be clearly on the right track for Big Little Lies, broadcast on HBO and on OCS in US + 24, to get new episodes. While waiting to know the end of the story, know that 13 Reasons Why has already been officially renewed for a season 2 . What do you think ?