Big Little Lies: Relief of Pretty Little Liars and Desperate Housewives has arrived!

Cinema 19 January, 2017

Just a month before the release of Big Little Lies on HBO, a small return on the series to the dream casting and its stakes!
You continue a little teaser next event signed HBO series and after giving you three good reasons to wait Big Little Lies and his crazy cast , now is the thriller fans that you will address. As some of you already know, this mysterious series that arrives on February 19 on the American cable channel has not only its dream cast for it. Certainly, when you see Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley or Alexander Skarsgård, it makes you want. But what also makes us want is his plot that seems to mix the best of Pretty Little Liars and Desperate Housewives … without their bad sides! Exit the actors and actresses sometimes limited to the facial expressions a hair too forced since with a five-star cast like this, it is great cinema awaits us. Exit also the intrigue that never ends and that turns in circles.
Big Little Lies is based on a novel – by Liane Moriarty – and will consist of only 7 episodes. This small format makes it possible to have a well structured story, well rhythmic and with a true end worthy of the name, and therefore theoretically no characters who come back to life or bad guys and uber endlessly. Moreover, if one believes the two trailers that you can see above, the little silly side and soap Desperate Housewives should not really invite to Monterey, where the plot takes place . One finds well the residential quarter, the aspect secret community that emanates and the “housewives” to the replicas well felt. But the lightness of Susan and her friends is very far and it is a thiller in good form that is preparing. In short, we do not know you, but we can not wait to see this! Until next month, has already listed the other series was expected as in 2017. So tempted?