Big rant of Benjamin Castaldi, target of the internet : “I’m on the verge of closing all my accounts” – Gala

Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Benjamin Castaldi can not be the target of internet users who prey on all of its facts and gestures. As he explains to Closer, it is “two fingers ” to close all of his accounts.

It has come to a stage where we cannot do anything. It is worst of all. You can’t do the second level without being stoned in the public square. “Benjamin Castaldi pushes a big rant in Closer against the excesses of the social networks. The facilitator, who is very active on Instagram and Twitter, as well as his son, comes to ask whether it is not going to disappear from the Canvas : “I’m on the verge of closing all my accounts “, he says.

This ras-le-bol occurs just after yet another controversy with an advertisement that is perceived as grossophobe, tour with Loana. The future presenter of Cash Island puts the bad times of the internet : “When I put forward a good deed, for ten people who will greet the trick, there are thirty who will say that I do of the pub. This becomes very complicated “, he points out. This goes so far that Benjamin Castaldi, very blood, is at the edge of the clash : “Sometimes, I am the limit to meet the users who criticize so virulent, “says the facilitator. It’s so unfair. “It is not the only target of social networks. Before him, Vanessa Burggraf, ex-columnist in It is not coated, is removed from the Internet, assailed by critics.

Benjamin Castaldi

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