Bigflo & Oli: Live Clash with Black M!

Entertainment 30 June, 2017

Bigflo & Oli brothers hit Skyrock with rapper Black M.
Since the release of their new album La vraie vie , the two brothers Bigflo & Oli are everywhere. Already three excerpts were unveiled: “The real life” , “Nobody” and “Then then” whose Bigflo & Oli clip in globe-trotter mode made us kiffer . There is not to say, the two rappers are well present and want to let the world know that they are back in the game. So, they chain the promos. Invited in the program Planète Rap on Skyrock on June 27, they took the lead in front of Black M.
The two frogs went into punchlines mode and chained the clashes, to show that they really knew how to rape and improvise. For nearly 6 minutes, the clash lasted, and Black M was there to count the points . At the end of the battle, the listeners preferred the performance of Oli but it was the interpreter of “Like Me” who had the last word. The result was Bigflo who won against his brother. In any case, this little game allowed to make the pub to their new galette, released June 23 in the ferries. In the meantime, you can find Bigflo & Oli in our special playlist to resist the heat wave .