Bigflo & Oli: The real life, the album of maturity? Our criticism

Entertainment 23 June, 2017

Back with their second album La vraie vie, discover now what we thought of it.
They are back ! A year after Bigflo and Oli released their biggest hit, Bigflo and Oli made their comeback in the box with The Real Life , their second album. A new album, “La vraie vie” , an eponymous piece where they tell of the fear of the blank page, the festive “Alors alors” , and “Personne”, a clip in which Bigflo and Oli invited Kyan Khojandi and Jamel Debbouze. For this second album, the two brothers have concocted a small list of guests more than friendly: indeed, Joey Starr, Stromae or the legendary American rapper Busta Rhymes have responded to the call. But what is True Life really worth ?
In rap, in general, we find two great ways of making songs: either we make thematic songs, or we make pieces more freestyles, where it is rather the instrument and the energy that give the idea Title director. Bigflo and Oli, they are from the first school. Throughout the 15 tracks on Real Life , you’ll hear 15 different themes: people who ask for answers on social networks “Reply me” , suicide in “Other part” , regrets in “Damage ” … Sometimes it can take the form of a story-telling like ” Bitch! ” , The song with Joey Starr (who just gave Jul,
So what do you think about this new album? True to their speech, they prefer to rape real life rather than inventing a character that does not resemble them. They do not hesitate to talk about their faults and their faults, and it is certainly on this point that they have evolved the most: much darker than on the court of the great , Introspection, and self-criticism. We may regret one side a moralistic hair on certain pieces, and that the feat with Joey Starr is not better exploited. For the rest, we kiffé this new album: older and more mature than on their previous album, they have more things to say, and are therefore inevitably more interesting to listen than on The court of the great .