Bigflo & Oli: Then, a new festive single unveiled

Entertainment 13 May, 2017

While the two brothers have unveiled the second extract of their new album, discover it now.
And two! While we’re barely recovering from “The real life”, the last clip of Bigflo and Oli , here they give us a potato in the coasts with “Then then” . Verdict? This time, we did not have the right to a clip (but nothing says it will not happen). We can only judge music, and it’s almost so much better, because thanks to this we can only focus on the words, which are once again at the top: on “Then then” , the two brothers chain pass- Passes (they repeat a few words each in turn instead of a whole couplet) of great qualities, in which they address a friend who has gone without giving any news. We’ll let you listen to that now.
With “So Then” , the two brothers decided to vary from the first excerpt: while “The real life” was rather dark, “Then then” is rather festive, despite the theme that is not really. That those who have preferred the first single are not too disappointed : the two frechs have wanted to reassure the public who prefer them when they make darker pieces by declaring “It’s a lighter sound more dancing! There will be our 2 sides ” on their Facebook wall, in response to one of their fans. Note that this time, Bigflo and Oli did not address any pique to Orelsan, unlike in “The real life”.