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Entertainment 26 August, 2017


The president wipes of many jokes following the revelation of its spending astronomical in terms of makeup.

On the 24th of August last, The Point revealed that Emmanuel Macron had spent no less than 26 000 euros in costs of makeup since the beginning of its mandate. Or in three months. Her small beauty secrets post presidential elections have visibly changed. A whopping which became chronic in France as well as internationally.

Amused, the site of the Telegraph has published an article titled How president Macron would have been able to save £8 000 (about 8 643 euros) makeup per month ? Before dispensing valuable advice, the media in the uk has all the same obliged to relativize the situation, recalling that Nicolas Sarkozy spent, to him, nearly 8 000 euros per month in make-up. While the costs for the hairdresser François Hollande amounted to 9 500 euros per month. “Macron is in the average, pays 8 666 euros to afford the luxury of having a make-up artist.e”.

Then why should anybody take offense ? Probably because Emmanuel Macron “has promised to be a “president normal” and tried to distinguish itself from its predecessors with extravagant,” says the journal. To regild his blazon, the Telegraph suggested he apply himself to his wrinkle cream and foundation, specifying that the biggest brands, in the image of “Tom Ford, Clinical and MMUK My” today have a wide range of beauty products for men. To convince our president, the site has even selected a series of cosmetics for men, with expert advice to support. Anything to give him some ideas…

Emmanuel Macron

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