Billy Bob Thornton, former Angelina: “I’d love to do a movie with Brad Pitt”

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

The ex-husband of the star continues to make confessions about her.
billy-bob-thornton-a-la-premiere-de-baCurrently promoting Bad Santa 2 in which he resumed his role of Santa large area, thirteen years after the first game, Billy Bob Thornton is definitely very talkative about Brangelina. It must be said that the 61 year-old actor has been married for three years to Angelina Jolie. After expressing what he thought of the failure of their marriage ( ” I never felt good enough for her” , he has told GQ ) and have given the news of his ex (who would become according to him), the American actor spoke to Playboy . It made some statements, particularly about Brad Pitt , an actor he admires. “This might surprise people, but j’adorerais make a film with Brad Pitt, admits there. I think we would be good together. We could play a couple types of the South.”
Once launched this proposal, Billy Bob Thornton was then told about his ex-wife, ” a beautiful person ” to believe. ” And it is one of those who did not abandon me. She never did ,” he outbid. Now married to Connie Angland , his sixth wife, with whom he had a daughter, Bella (12 years), comedian ensures that Angie and her are still ” good friends ” . ” Friendship does not necessarily disappear. We do not speak on a regular basis and I can not see it only once in five years. But I suggest ,” says the sexagenarian.
Billy Bob is back on his relationship with the singer Lara Croft he had met in 1999 before marrying the following year. ” I always feel inferior to her and when you live with someone with a sense of being below, this is not good for you” , he said . What to echo his remarks in GQ .