Bipolar disorder : more of valproate without contraception

Health 6 July, 2017


Published the 06.07.2017 at 13h50


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Sodium valproate is now contraindicated in the management of bipolar disorders in women. Why Doctor had said a few days ago, the national security Agency of the drug just to confirm it officially. As of July 7, Dépakote, Dépamide and their generic can only be prescribed to patients who do not have effective contraception.

As Depakine, indicated in epilepsy, these drugs are at the heart of a court battle to come. Despite the known risks of congenital malformations and disorders, neuro-developmental, a significant amount of women have carried a pregnancy under sodium valproate.

Alternatives exist

According to a study conducted by the MSNA, ” a large number of women of childbearing age who is treated by (valproate) in bipolar disorder in epilepsy.” If the first interrupt more often the treatment during pregnancy, they are too many.

Nothing that in 2014, a little more than 300 patients with bipolar disorders have started a pregnancy while they were still in the sodium valproate. The danger was however identified. The risk of developmental or behavior rises to 30-40 % in the context of in utero exposure. In more than 10 % of cases, a congenital malformation occurs.

This stubbornness is even more damaging because several therapeutic alternatives exist for this disorder, and may be preferred. Especially that, according to an epidemiological study conducted by medicare showed that when they were pregnant, bipolar women often seemed to abandon their treatment.