Blac Chyna and her new guy Rob Kardashian by displaying naked in bed together (PHOTOS)

Entertainment 7 July, 2017

The drama continues! After being blasted by Rob Kardashian on the Web, Blac Chyna and her new guy decided to take revenge by displaying naked in bed together.

It is the polemic that never ceases to make the buzz on the Web. And one thing is for sure, you could not miss it! For a few days, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are waging a merciless war on the net. While they were thought to be reconciled after their remarkable release to Disneyland as a family with their adorable little Dream, it is not. Deceived by the pretty brunette, Kris Jenner’s son completely fell off a cable by unveiling pictures of Blac Chyna completely nude on Instagram. Then followed a long tirade on the young woman explaining that the latter had used him. But if he was quickly banned from the social network for having posted such daring shots, Rob Kardashian quickly returned to Twitter to continue to clash Blac Chyna on Twitter. An unfortunate soap opera which has since ceased to give rise to lively reactions. Even more since the ex-girlfriend Tyga and her new darling decided to react by posting to bed …

We tell you, nothing goes between the parents of Dream. Accused of having deceived her several times, the star of reality TV has been violently attacked by her ex-boyfriend in recent days. And if Blac Chyna first reacted by provoking Rob Kardashian with a shock video, it did not stop there. The mother of King Cairo decided to reply to him on social networks again with his boyfriend, a certain Rarri True who is nicknamed Ferrari. Kim Kardashian’s brother, Kim Kardashian, has sent a clear message to the brother of Kim Kardashian that they are all naked under the sheets, with a smile on their lips and with their most beautiful jewelry (including the ones that Rob Kardashian has offered Blac Chyna). Continue to have fun without letting the critics of it reach them. Pictures published on the Instagram account of the young man of 24 years and who have not failed to make an incredible buzz among Internet users. If we still do not know how far this story will go, let’s hope that the situation finally subsides … Are you shocked by these clichés?