Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian separate, what really happened?

Entertainment 18 December, 2016

The year 2016 is not yet over, and the bad news either. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian separate, but what really happened?

And a break of more ! Yes, 2016 has been marked by numerous separations, the latest being the highly publicized divorce from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie . But a new break has come down in the planet people, that of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Even if the couple had ups and a lot of stockings, it is important to remember that the star just gave birth to a little girl named Dream, which had filled the “lovers” of happiness. But the drama on Saturday, December 17, with screenshots that leaked on the Web, and where we learn that Blac Chyna, tired and tired of the behavior of his companion, made a fatal decision. She leaves Rob. And it is on Instagram that the break was formalized .. .

We knew that between the two stars, it was not very stable. Indeed, long before Blac’s pregnancy, he reigned as a bad harmony between them, and they kept breaking. However, both had made the decision to have a baby together, to renew and strengthen the bonds, but that’s it. Blac Chyna has literally petered out and decided to leave everything. But what really happened? On the Instagram account of Blac, several screenshots of old SMS conversations where she talks with friends were stationed . We discover that the mother spoke of his dubious intentions to leave Rob , and it was pretty violent! Following these revelations, the Web is kindled, which prompted Rob to answer: “I’m not going very well after seeing messages from Blac Chyna I have never been so heart broken Blac was my.. And I thought we were going to get married soon I can not believe she is doing this to me I treated her like a queen and she takes away my daughter who only has a month just before Christmas . I loved every centimeter of this woman. I really liked Angela. I’m so hurt. I never felt like this in my life … ” he said on the social networks.

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But accounts of regulations not stop there since after the post this video, Blac Chyna who broke with Rob on the Web , responded on Instagram Snapchat then: “It’s over This year I Rob was sick and was diagnosed with acute depression four years ago, and I am very sad and pathetic that he does not want to be treated. I’ve always liked him and always supported him, I took him out of Khloe’s house, helped him lose weight, and he did nothing to take back that weight. A baby, then he put pressure on me and stressed throughout my pregnancy by becoming hysterical, sending me long messages of reproaches and threats EVERY day before being forgiven by covering me with gifts, I have always tried to re-motivate him in his professional life and his lifestyle.I had agreed to live with him for the good of Dream but I can not anymore.I have my pride, I do not need his money (I just bought him a big car). He had already seen his screenshots since he had the code of my phone and he was aware of everything I said about him since I told him in front. I never deceived him! He can say what he wants on Snapchat and make the miserable but I have not kidnapped his daughter, he knows what house I am in and he can come to see her whenever he wants. I have to take care of my two children and I can not stay with someone so negative and neglectful. Until he agreed to get treatment, it’s over between us . “A very long answer of course, but then reveals the real reasons for the break-up. And you, what do you think?