Blac Chyna beaten by Rob Kardashian, she accuses him on Snapchat

Entertainment 6 July, 2017

Blac Chyna finally responded to Rob Kardashian after the latter had leaked pictures of his ex-naked bride. The young woman accuses her of beating her!

Rob Kardashian unveiled pictures of Blac Chyna nude via his Instagram account after the young woman sent him videos and shots where she appeared very close to another man. It was then announced that Blac Chyna was planning to sue Rob Kardashian in court and that Dream’s guard might be at stake. One thing is for sure, it does not smell good for Kim Kardashian’s brother. Indeed, if Blac Chyna remained silent on Twitter and Instagram, she wished to respond to Rob Kardashian via Snapchat. No vengeance porn this time but the young woman accuses her former fiancé of having beaten her. These are serious accusations that could have far more serious repercussions for Rob Kardashian than the fact of having unveiled pornographic photos of Blac Chyna on social networks.

Rob Kardashian blasted Blac Chyna by saying she was drugged and was unfaithful. He threatened her violently to deprive her of the care of their daughter Dream. However, Blac Chyna accused him of domestic violence and this could change a lot. “Rob you did all this but you beat me and tried to act as if it had never happened.” You have raised my hand on me, I swear before God, about my children but I’m supposed to be silent Because you are a Kardashian, “wrote Blac Chyna via his Snapchat account. “The light will be made!”, She said on another post. Disseminating pornographic photos without the consent of the person appearing on it is illegal in California. Rob Kardashian risks big and his sanction could be much greater if the domestic violence is proved by Blac Chyna. This war between the parents of Dream is just beginning!