Blac Chyna: First public appearance for mom proud of her flat stomach

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

Bride of Rob Kardashian never ceases to present its post-birth figure.
Blac Chyna had only hastily return to its pre-pregnancy curves. No surprise then that it overexposed its post-birth figure on social networks.

blac-chyna-reperee-pour-la-toute-premierMom since November 10, a little girl named Dream , the fiancée of Rob Kardashian has multiplied posts on Instagram November 19. Proud of her stomach again become flat, which kept no scar pregnancy (stretch marks), Blac Chyna proposed two videos to its 9.9 million subscribers. To be certain they loupent no details of his tattooed anatomy, the young mother offers zooms. In its war against overweight, Chyna (real name Angela Renee White) recently revealed to have lost seven kilos since his birth . ” From 87 to 80 kilos, seven days after the birth. My goal is 58 kilos. It is the weight I was before Dream “, she had posted on Snapchat.
That same 19 November, the young mother reappeared for the first time in the streets of Los Angeles. Unmistakable with his long lavender hair, Blac Chyna went at Health Nut , restaurant healthy located just a few kilometers from home and regularly frequented by the Kardashian sisters. They often make it during filming of their reality show, The Amazing Kardashians . Legging in black and white, matching shirt, the young mother was accompanied by a friend and cameras.
Dream Hardly had she pointed the tip of his nose that his parents have created him Instagram page. A new video has been posted, short sequence in which one discovers the baby wrapped and asleep, his big brother 4 years Cairo King standing at his side. The son of Blac Chyna and Tyga leans on Dream asleep to file a sweet kiss. If it’s not cute!