Blac Chyna, Kanye West, Justin Bieber: The biggest bad buzz of 2016

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

2016 was a year full of twists and turns. Divorces, clashes, and bad buzz, which stars attracted our attention most?
Before leaving the cotillons and toast with friends, the time is on the balance sheet. There are only a few days left until 2016 is over, a perfect opportunity to see or revisit all the escapades of your favorite celebrities who have (much) made them talk this year. Between arguments on social networks, clashes that drew the attention of the entire planet and divorces, 2016 was charged with emotion. And what better way to start this review, than to quote the separation between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian who settled their accounts on the Web? And yes , to finish this year on, the couple decided to put everything flat on Instagram …. yes yes ? And yes, to finish this year in beauty, the couple decided to put everything flat on … Instagram. Yes, it is in the light of day that Blac and Rob separated by explaining all the reasons publicly, enough to shock their fans. But this separation bad buzz is not the only one to have been exposed this year .. .
A divorce shook the world in 2016. The people most glamorous couple of Hollywood, Brangelina ended their union. An ad that shocked the whole earth, and the melty redac of course. For nothing foreshadowed such a brutal separation, knowing that today actor Brad Pitt is fighting Angelina Jolie for custody of her children. Stay tuned in 2017. Other bad buzz have also enriched the year, as the huge clash between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. and yes . And yes, no one was able to miss out on their scathing dispute that made all the stars react. And the least we can say is that this is not the year of the rapper! Remember, in addition to its huge clash with the singer Taylor Swift about the lyrics of his song Famous , Kanye West has had health problems. He was taken urgently to the hospital before being interned . The reasons ? He reportedly suffered paranoid disorders … Moreover, his marriage is in trouble and Kanye could be dumped by Kim Kardashian , obviously, 2016 has not been easy for him. Hopefully in 2017 Taylor and him make peace, that he regains serenity in his couple and in his head.
Another singer has made bad buzz this year is Justin Bieber . Because even if he is one of those stars that shone this year, his behavior has broken more than one this year. After being clashing with the protection organization PETA animal, Justin has also hit the headlines alongside its fans. Between its many existential crises, fights and many slips, the singer’s year was very hectic. Moreover, 2016 will end without its return on Instagram! And to complete the list of stars who have made bad buzz this year, it was impossible not to talk about Miley Cyrus . Even though the singer is now ranked and rather wise, it still marked the spirits in 2016. A video resurfaced on the Web, unveiling Miley more trash than ever. The coach of The Voice are left groping the breast and crotch by her fans as she was on stage, what shock the twittosphere. As you can see, 2016 was full of emotion, but we are still looking forward to seeing what the stars are up to next year. And you what do you think ?