Blac Chyna, Kylie Jenner, Maisie Williams … The stars who were hacked in 2016

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

The year 2016 was hectic for the people planet! Proof, many celebrities have been hacked.
If we are going to start 2017, it is high time to come back to the highlights that the stars experienced during the past year. Because yes , celebrities were not spared in the last twelve months. Selena Gomez went into rehab, Kim Kardashian was deflected during his visit to the Fashion Week in Paris , Kanye West made a short stay in a psychiatric hospital and Rihanna & Drake is (still) separated. Suffice to say that the people sphere did not fail to surprise us. Evidenced by the latest video of Kylie Jenner in which she is fully nude alongside Tyga . But if the stars may reveal some of their privacy in their fans, sometimes they have no choice . And that is unfortunately what has happened for some of them. Blac Chyna King Kylie or Maisie Williams are all three parts of the many TV personalities or song who was shocked to see their private lives spread out for all to see. Stolen photos or personal accounts on social networks hacked, here is a return on hackages stars in 2016 .
The latest hacking and that has panicked users is that of Lucy Hale. Pictures of her nude have also leaked on the Internet before being published on a pornographic site. But in reply to hackage his cell phone and the bad buzz it has generated, the actress Pretty Little Liars quickly responded saying it was wrong to apologize to live his life. A statement that was welcomed by his fans on social networks. But it is not the only one to have paid the hackers! Maisie Williams , who plays the role of Arya Stark in the series Game of Thrones , has also had to deal with an invasion of his privacy. Topless clichés of her, of back, have also been unveiled on the net. And according to the website Digital Spy , they would have been stolen from a private account Facebook . In March 2016, it’s Harry Styles has been the target of hackers web. Since a fan of One Direction did not hesitate to hack the iCloud of Annie Cox, the singer’s mother. Consequently, dozens of very private photos of the artist family have leaked confirming the relationship he had with Kendall Jenner . Because yes , from these pictures, there were on which you could see the two celebrities to cuddle and be very accomplices. Suffice to say that it did not go unnoticed.
In June 2016, Kylie Jenner surprised his fans by revealing very risqué messages on Twitter . “I love being famous and without talent”, “I want your b * te Justin Bieber” or “When do we start shooting PornHub?” Could read on his profile. Obviously, his account had been hacked. But far from being upset, Kylie King replied with a video on Snapchat commenting humorously . “My Twitter was hacked I do not care, I let them have fun.” Thereafter, this is Drake , Niall Horan and Katy Perry are also been there with their respective accounts. And things can go a long way. Witnessed what happened to Pippa Middleton . For if the hacker has hacked 3,000 of his intimate photos, he also proposed to The Sun to sell them to the tune of 57,000 euros. Worse, in the lot, there were pictures of James Matthews completely naked, the groom’s sister Kate Middleton . An inquiry has been opened and is still under way. Finally, the one that has not failed to make the buzz on social networks, it’s Blac Chyna . The latter has been a victim of hacking his account Instagram and the Pirate revealed very incriminating messages to the young woman of 28 years. It discovered that including the bride of Rob had intended to leave after getting the name Kardashian and in fact it had never liked … Has any posts deleted quickly but do not fail to buzz. Definitely, we wonder what will happen in 2017 … What hackage you the most?