Blac Chyna Plans Prosecution Against Rob Kardashian, Dream Custody In Game?

Entertainment 6 July, 2017

After Rob Kardashian published intimate photos of her, Blac Chyna intends to attack him! Can his ex-fiancé lose custody of Dream?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are now at war! Dream’s dad published via Instagram photos of his ex-fiancée completely naked. Blac Chyna had sent these pictures to them as they exchanged sextos. But after Rob Kardashian understood that his ex-girlfriend had another man in his life, he took revenge on Instagram. After Rob Kardashian had leaked pictures of Blac Chyna naked, we wondered if the young woman would answer or remain silent. For now, the model has not posted anything via social networks but that does not mean that she does not prepare her counter-attack. Indeed, Blac Chyna is planning to prosecute Rob Kardashian! The young woman has already called a lawyer.

Rob Kardashian blasted Blac Chyna by calling her an infidel and drug addict and then threatening her violently about the guarding of Dream. However, it is the model that could well deprive her ex-fiancé of the custody of their daughter. The young woman called a lawyer to find out her options after Rob Kardashian unveiled pictures of her naked. “I am looking at all legal remedies and protections available to my client at this very moment in order to better advise her on how she could proceed,” said Walter Mosley, Blac Chyna’s legal representative, in a Release published by People. If the young woman attacks Rob Kardashian in court, he might have to pay a lot of money to his ex-fiancée. “Blac can try civilly to prosecute Rob for posting pictures of his naked body without his permission. If he does, he may have to pay $ 5 to $ 10 million, depending on what the jury “Said lawyer David Pisarra. If for the moment the guard of Dream is not at stake, Blac Chyna could go further in its steps.