Blac Chyna pregnant with Rob Kardashian? He is terrified

Entertainment 6 July, 2017

Can Blac Chyna be pregnant again by Rob Kardashian? The latter is beginning to be afraid!

Rob Kardashian has leaked pictures of Blac Chyna naked via his Instagram account before being banned from the platform. Dream’s father was heartbroken when he discovered that the mannequin was in the arms of another man. Kim Kardashian’s brother said Blac Chyna had been unfaithful to him. If the couple had separated in December 2016, they were reconciled several times. Rob Kardashian revealed that a few days before his ex-fiancé slept with two other men, he had had sex with her! So we understand why Dad’s dad had collapsed. But now he is afraid of something, that Blac Chyna is pregnant again! “At least I went first, but I hope I have not yet made you pregnant when you told me I could be in you,” he said in a photo caption Of Blac Chyna published on Instagram.

Rob Kardashian blames herself for having slept with Blac Chyna while the latter also had sex with two other men. “I’m a fool why did I lie with you?” He then wrote. All that remains is to know whether or not the young woman takes a contraceptive method. If not, the model could well have become pregnant with Rob Kardashian. However, if she was expecting a baby, the father could also be one of the other two men with whom she had intimate relationships. In any case for now, Blac Chyna has other problems. She would have filed a lawsuit against Rob Kardashian after he had leaked pictures of her naked. While the guard of Dream could be at stake, a new baby would complicate even more things for the former couple.