Blac Chyna reveals how much weight she has lost 7 days after delivery

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

The war against the kilos of pregnancy is declared.
blac-chyna-enceinte-au-festival-amber-roBlac Chyna wait to return to its pre pregnancy curves. A week after the birth of her daughter , the bomb 28 years revealed how much weight she had lost. ” From 87 to 80 kilos, seven days after the birth. My goal is 58 kilos. It is the weight I was before Dream “, has she wrote on her account she Snapchat published a photo of her perched on his balance. A goal it should quickly reach if it keeps going. Relieved of 7 kilos in a few days, the fiancée of Rob Kardashian chose to breastfeed her daughter, which doubtless help to find his line quickly.
Blac Chyna, who is also mother of a King Cairo , whose father is her ex-fiancé rapper Tyga it, will probably stick to a strict diet in the months ahead. The former stripper, who had promised to take 45 kilos during pregnancy, probably share her slimming and exercise routine with its millions of subscribers on social networks. “My goal is to take 45 kilos during pregnancy. I will swell and then I will come back to normal ” , she had assured last June.
Blac Chyna visibly pining to get his nice figure since released two souvenir photos of her before her pregnancy. Completely naked, slim waist and shapely haunch, the young mother appeared hot on social networks. “Soon” , has she explained in a caption pictures, which suggest that it will not lose time to put the plan. the star of the show Rob & Chynawill she better than her sister-alliance by Kim Kardashian , who put five to six months to recover his body dream after the birth of her second child ? Response in the coming months!