Blac Chyna: Rob Kardashian destroys his health since their breakup and worries his loved ones

Entertainment 30 May, 2017

Since Rob Kardashian is separated from Blac Chyna, the young man would be at the worst. To the point of alarming his relatives on his health.
It’s official, The Incredible Kardashian Family will come back for a season 14 and it’s Kim Kardashian who says so. Yes, while the audiences are not really up to the times lately, the producers still decided to pursue the adventure with all the members of the clan. But while the program will continue to delight viewers, things seem to get complicated on Rob Kardashian ‘s side . As you know, the young man is currently going through a complicated period. Separated from Blac Chyna , Kris Jenner ‘s son seems to have a hard time recovering from his ex-girlfriend who, Hesitates to reveal itself half naked and always more sexy on social networks. And while we might have thought that Rob Kardashian was much better after taking his life in hand, it would seem that it is just the opposite …
If we believe the latest information relayed by the site OK! Magazine , Rob Kardashian would be at the worst. Following his break with Blac Chyna , he would have difficulty moving on. The brother of Kourtney Kardashian would then think of only one thing: to recover with his ex. But that’s not all ! According to one source, the young man would even put his health in danger by drinking and eating non-stop. His relatives, therefore, would be very worried by this self-destructive attitude and would even consider to make him enter into rehab . Little Dream’s dad would have regained weight and his family would be ready to do anything to make it better. “The Kardashian clan wants it to follow a 12-step program and spend as much time as it needs to get a healthy lifestyle, ” said the informant. New details quite worrying. Let’s hope that Rob Kardashian quickly regains smile and form. In your opinion, will Rob Kardashian succeed in overcoming this rupture?