Blac Chyna stuffed, she would have hit Rob Kardashian before their break!

Nothing goes for the couple! According to new statements, Blac Chyna, stuffed, physically assaulted Rob Kardashian before their brief separation.
Is the end of the Kardashian-Jenner Empire near? This is the question that the editorial of melty arises. Because, after the aggression of Kim Kardashian , hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic Kanye West and the recent highly publicized break Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna , things get complicated for the most famous clan of Hollywood . Yet the parents of little Dream seem to have put their side of wrangling to patch things up. The reason ? The only son of Kris Jenner decided to apologize recognizing that he needs help. But then we thought excessive jealousy of the young man of 29 years had played a key role in this separation, it seems that Blac Chyna also has its share of responsibility. Since according to E! News , the star of TV-reality, drunk, allegedly hit her boyfriend shortly before leaving home.
According to information reported by E! News , Blac Chyna would have been very violent towards Rob Kardashian after drinking heavily. A huge fight would have broken out between the two celebrities and star of reality TV, furious, would have firmly told several punches to his fiance . “She hit him in the back and arms,” says a source at the US site. So that Rob Kardashian would have needed help from Corey Gamble – the boyfriend of her mother Kris Jenner – to successfully calm and control. New rumors that could prove true. For it is not the first time that the mother of King Cairo has so impulsive behavior. Moreover, in one of his conversations recently leaked on the Internet, the young woman confessed about his companion: “I do not want to treat it like Tyga but I’ll do it I will not hesitate to. Slap him. ” New revelations that will undoubtedly make the Internet users react. Is it then why Kris Jenner has offered money to Blac Chyna for her to leave Rob Kardashian? Stay tuned. Are you surprised by these new statements?

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