Blac Chyna surprised with another man, Rob Kardashian ready to cancel their wedding?

Big drama in sight for Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian! The young man is about to cancel his marriage with his fiancee …
It’s the info that makes a lot of noise on social networks . You could not miss it. Car Blac Chyna was recently surprised with an unknown at the Super Bowl . An evening that did not fail to elicit strong reactions on social networks. And for good reason ! The young woman of 28 years was very accomplice with the unknown in question. But that’s not all ! A few days later, Blac Chyna was spotted without her engagement ring and with a man other than Rob Kardashian at a lunch in a Los Angeles restaurant . Pure drama! So much so that the Net surfers have not ceased to question themselves about the relation of the two lovebirds. Are the parents of the little Dream still together? Doubt is allowed. Especially when we know that the only son of Kris Jenner would consider canceling their marriage …
Faced with the bad buzz of the supposed deceit of Blac Chyna, the sisters of Rob Kardashian then quickly reacted . Determined not to let their brother suffer in the face of this difficult situation, Khloe , Kourtney and Kim Kardashian decided to appeal to a private detective to obtain proof of the infidelity of Tyga ‘s ex-girlfriend . But according to the American site People , Dream’s father had already made his decision by wanting to cancel their wedding planned this summer . Moreover, according to the statements of a source, Rob Kardashian “would no longer trust” his fiancee since all this affair. ” They are not talking about marriage at all. They are still together and engaged but they no longer live under the same roof. It is very strange, ” said the indiscreet. A situation that many sadden the young man of 29 years. Let’s hope he manages to find a solution. According to you, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna will they marry?

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