Black-ish: The hilarious series has finally arrived in France!

Cinema 2 December, 2016

That’s a good news: The black-ish series coming soon from us! Get ready to succumb to the many charms of this endearing comedy …

abc-black-ish-blackish-sitcom-usNot easy to stand out in the US comic landscape! Yet the series b lack-ish done and brilliantly. Since September 2014, the tribe Johnson has captivated American audiences with his offbeat news and intrigue. Booster shot, the ABC sitcom follows the misadventures of an African-American family and addresses major social issues with a particular humor. A winning mix since the show is one of the nuggets of ABC and rest after 3 seasons, a real success in terms of audiences, but also critical level. Yes, black-ish string of appointments – and trophies – the major American ceremonies and it is not ready to stop!
Unprecedented in France , black-ish arrives soon and that, to our delight! This is the video service Afrostream demand will soon offer the episodes of the sitcom. To start 2017 in style, go and discover the first season of black-ish on 1 January . The bonus? The platform dedicated to movies and series African American and African bind him directly with the seasons 2 and 3. When you were told that this was good news! To find the adventures Dre, Bow and four children, do not miss black-ish on Afrostream in 2017! So will you watch the show?