Black Lightning: A crossover with the Arrowverse?

Cinema 16 June, 2017

Fans of superheroes are waiting for one thing: the new small straight out of the DC Comics, Black Lightning. And great news, it could well that it rejoins the Arrowverse!
It was during the Upfronts that the CW unveiled its fifth superhero show, following that of Arrow , The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl ! Black Lightning will make his big arrival on the US channel in 2018. Retired hero, Jefferson Pierce will have to make a decisive choice: to lead a normal life with his family or to assume his superhero costume with electromagnetic powers ! Until now the actors have remained discreet about the direction of the show. Mark Pedowitz, the director of the CW, said Black Lightning was not a part of the Arrowverse . Are you quite sure?
Hardly time to swallow our tears, that the tendency has reversed, for our greatest pleasure! Salim Akil, the show’s showrunner, announced that a crossover between Black Lightning and the Arrowverse was not impossible , far from it: “The narration is a little more political and dark,” said Akil but “this does not Does not mean that the Arrowverse trail will not be visited ” . That gives us hope, we were surprised that the CW decides to remove his fifth hero from the others! While waiting for a fateful date of broadcast, we invite you to discover the other new series coming from the CW . And you, would you like to see a crossover between Arrowverse and Blacklightning?