Black Lightning: Far from the Arrowverse, Cress Williams (Jefferson) tease a series closer to comics!

Cinema 30 May, 2017

The main actors of Black Lightning tease the first season in an exclusive interview!
Cress Williams, interpreter of the superhero Black Lightning and Christine Adams, the actress who plays his wife in the series, found themselves facing the cameras at the CW Upfronts. They could not escape the questions of the journalists and gave us some crisp news about Black Lightning that we will find on our screens by 2018! The show traces the story of one of DC Comics’ greatest African-American superheroes who will have to make a choice between living a normal life with his family or taking on his superhero costume with electromagnetic powers! We have a little idea on the matter … But Black Lightning will move away from his companions Arrow and The Flash, series of the CW .
Black Lightning wants to be a new kind of superhero but not that! On the red carpet of the Uofronts 2017 CW , The Cress Williams actor explains: “this show is a bit like Battlestar Galactica , you are a fan of science fiction or not, you will like it! Black Lightning is primarily A family drama, there are just superpowers that come into play in addition to all this. We are rooted in real life with issues that speak to everyone. ” And for fans of superheroes who thought that Black Lightning would join its CW partners: The Flash, Arrow and Company, and no. The Actor states that this DC Comics character will not be part of the Arrowverse . “Finally, we will probably have three superheroes in the series with me and the girls. I think those who are fans of comics will be very excited to see that we are rooted in the true story of comics,” says The main actor. While waiting for Black Lightning on our screens, discover the other series unveiled by the CW chain during the Upfronts 2017-2018 ! Will you watch Black Lightning?