Black M: “Booba is a legend of music”

Entertainment 28 January, 2017

In an interview, Black M once again said all the good he thought of the Duke. To the point of saying that according to him, he was a legend.
Lately there is much talk of Booba for his clashes with Kaaris or Patrice Quarteron. This overlooks the fact that even a hit in the charts with “DKR” , under which the rub of the new generation rappers such as NLP and Nekfeu the top Itunes. An achievement for him who began his career a couple of decades ago now. A longevity that makes him a unique case. It’s very simple: b2o is the only French rapper to be able to boast to be always at the top of sales, even 20 years later. A prowess that pushes Black M to say of him that it is simply a legend in view of its course.
“As time. Music legend It crosses all kinds of generations It still speaks to today’s generation Grand respect..” Coward rapper Sexion Assault with our colleagues I can not live without music . We already knew Black M’s respect for Booba, which is part of his inspirations, and that pushed him to make rap. An admiration that led him to want to work with the Duke: indeed, there are several months, Black M was revealed exclusively for melty a piece with Booba was probably in preparation. A featuring that we have heard more since … This new brand of respect will revive the idea of ​​collaboration? What do you think of Black M’s statements about Booba?