Black Mirror season 4 : the new trailer we tease with of the Star Trek

Cinema 25 August, 2017






In the light casting, the series has clearly made a great deal of resources.

Black Mirror , or when progress is synonymous with nightmare. Enrolling in a future that has never seemed so close, the series put the finger on the excesses in society-our world dependent on a new technology making us slaves, puppets crippled by lack of landmarks, and the loss of values had never so sunk into a horror so real.




Created and developed by the gifted Charlie Brooker, the series is a little gem of the small screen. Relevant, riding on the drug the most devastating of our time, the production of the show was over by Netflix for a third vintage high color.

To say that one was waiting for the new edition with an impatience over that palpable was an understatement. A fourth season, which will include as well as the previous not less than six episodes and the first trailer we embark once again in a new downward spiral. But rest assured, the six episodes will always be scripted by Charlie Brooke and will be staged by renowned directors.



“The Crocodile “ directed by John Hillcoat (The Road, lawless)

“Arkangel “ by Jodie Foster

“Hang the DJ “ by Tim Van Patten (GOT, Rome)

“USS Callister,” by Toby Haynes

“Metalhead “ by David Slade (Hannibal, Breaking Bad, 30 Days of Night)

“Black Museum “ of Colm McCarthy (The Last Girl)

Resumption of the series on Netflix, not yet communicated