Black Panther: Actor of This Is Us joins the cast in a mysterious role

Cinema 6 January, 2017

And one more ! The cast of Black Panther has just expanded with the arrival of an actor from This is US. But the character he plays remains, however, very mysterious …
After the frenzy of psychedelic Doctor Strange , Marvel Studios have have us visit another new environment. Namely Wakanda, a territory where the most advanced modernity meets the most ancient traditions. And yes, the film Black Panther will bring us in this small African country we only had two small glimpses into The Avengers: Age of Ultron’s and Captain America: Civil War . The film certainly does not do much about him but it was reasonably excited at the idea of finding T’Challa, which we still made a great impression during its introduction into Civil War . Besides that the cast contains some known heads of choice! Thus, alongside Forest Whitaker and Lupita Nyong’o include Danai Gurira The Walking Dead in the role of a warrior as formidable as Michonne. Black Panther therefore already has some strong arguments to seduce us! And the cast has not finished to expand as a new actor has joined the cast of the film . Melty makes you the presentations!
So Sterling K. Brown, who joined the other players in the Black Panther , and in a very role, very mysterious. For those who may not know, Sterling K . Brown was especially noted in the famous season 1 of the anthology series ” American Crime Story ,” entitled ” The People v O..J. Simpson “, which recounts the case in which the actor and athlete OJ Simpson was suspected of murdering his ex-wife. His performance earned him an Emmy last September. But fans of the series This Is Us have also crossed into the role of Randall Pearson. But who is Sterling K. Brown supposedly interpreted in the movie Marvel. The answer lies in one word: a stranger ! And yes, the actor will lend his features to a character named N’Jobu. But unlike Zuri, played by Forest Whitaker in Black Panther , it does not appear in the comics dedicated to Wakanda monarch . All that is known about him is that he is related to the past of T’Challa. In short, that leaves us a little puzzled! Will it appear in flashback scenes or will it manifest in the present? Will he behave as an ally or, on the contrary, prove to be an antagonist? Mystery! It will therefore be necessary to be patient to know a little more. But that does not stop us from imagining some theories about his role in the film! What do you think the role of N’Jobu could be?