Black Panther: The director teases a hero between good and evil

Cinema 21 February, 2017

Black Panther is likely to surprise fans! His director has teased the fans a hero shared between good and evil …
With superhero movies like The Dark Knight , characters from comics have become much deeper! Adieu the confrontation between good and evil and hello the heroes to the psychology worked and plagued by demons. Ryan Coogler, director of future production Marvel Black Panther , described his hero as an Avenger between good and evil , located in the “gray area . ” An area that represents the middle ground between black and white, suggesting that the character may not be completely good (or bad). Black Panther, whose Wakanda has unveiled on concept arts , should therefore promise the fans a plot both dense and rich.
But then what could push the hero to find himself in this “gray zone” ? For Ryan Coogler, it’s simple: “In addition to being a soldier, he has the role of politician. He must constantly make choices between the fog of politics and the fog of war . ” In other words, the Avenger will not have to make obvious decisions in Black Panther, whose actor This is us has joined the cast in a mysterious role . With commercially and critically acclaimed films like Fruitvale Station or Creed , Ryan Coogler has the shoulders to offer Marvel the cinema world a new character rather well written.