Black Panther: The place to shoot a key and impressive scene unveiled!

Cinema 4 February, 2017

The shooting of Black Panther began! And today we have information on a key scene of the film as well as its location of shooting.
And now, just like that, without fanfare, the filming of Black Panther began under the leadership of director Ryan Coogler. For now, we know that some mini-details of the plot of the film, the Black Panther synopsis that was recently unveiled that have only confirmed the rumors that were running on it. Erik Killmonger will blame T’Challa for robbing him of the throne of Wakanda – and will use it to sow chaos wherever he goes! Fortunately, however, we can count on the leaks and declarations of the members of the team to have from time to time some more crisp information. And today, the editing of melty has a revelation to make you on a key stage of the film, as well as on its shooting location. Attention, it seems that this sequence is also particularly crazy and spectacular! And for good reason, it would be a sick chase in the streets of … Busan, a South Korean city.
The details of this scene, which were unveiled by the site Variety, we come directly from Mr. Romance Film Production, a production box Korean who tease a sequence involving no less than … 150 cars and 700 people! “The sequence, which involves 150 cars and more than 700 people, is a scene of chase between the villain and the hero. There will be helicopters and shots (blanks), which will cause noise and disturb certainly the traffic. “, have announced the production box to prevent the people of Busan what awaits them in the coming weeks. The press release tells us no more, but we already imagine that it may well be impressive. The question is whether the wicked will Killmonger or will it be the second villain was confirmed in the cast of Black Panther few months ago. Fingers crossed to have pictures – or videos! – of the filming of this scene, which looks rather crazy! What do you expect from the film?