Black Panther: The trailer, 3 things to remember from the first pictures

Cinema 10 June, 2017

The first trailer of Black Panther has just been unveiled. And here are the three things that must absolutely be remembered from these very first images!
Unless you live like hermits, you’ve certainly noticed it: Black Panther ‘s frenzied and intense trailer landed with great pomp, revealing the Wakanda and its extraordinary landscapes and allowing us to find T’Challa. If the superhero had impressed us in Captain America: Civil War , we are waiting to see what he is really capable of now that he is no longer surrounded by the rest of the Avengers and must fulfill his role as king. And to see him jumping on his opponents and jumping from one car to another, it is clear that Black Panther has lost nothing of his superb. But beyond that, the trailer of Ryan Coogler’s film allowed us to discover quite a few other elements that we were frankly curious to discover . So,
And the first thing you have to mention is of course … the Wakanda itself ! A mysterious country that hides its true wealth by pretending to be a Third World state like any other – Ulysse Klaue reveals that this is where the mythical El Dorado is – in fact, it combines ancestral tradition with advanced technological development. And the two features of the country are obviously in the trailer. One sees incredible waterfalls, a jungle imagined green, in which Black Panther takes a beating to a group of mercenaries, as well as huge cliffs covered with inhabitants dressed in very colorful outfits. And it’s without count Zuri, the character of Forest Withaker, A sort of guru with a painted face that seems to be plunged into a strange ritual! But, in counterpoint to this wild and mystical aspect, one discovers a city composed of hyper futuristic skyscrapers, that flies over a kind of jet that makes us terribly think of the Quinjet des Avengers. There is nothing to say, with this little glimpse, the Wakanda seems to be a fascinating country.
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Here is Erik Killmonger, the villain of the film
The other two elements that one must absolutely remember of the trailer of course concern the new characters! We see several times Erik Killmonger, the villain played by Michael B. Jordan, come to sow chaos in the life of T’Challa and within the Wakanda and who will perhaps stand next to Thanos in The Avengers: Infinity War . And the man looks really redoubtable! There is also great chance that it is he who will make Ulysses Klaue escape, which would tend to make us think that the rival of T’Challa will try to claim the help of the villain. This apparently will not prevent Erik from being captured by the Wakanda authorities and standing up against the Dora Milaje.
Because yes, the group of warriors who ultimately serve the king are obviously present in the trailer! One sees Lupita Nyong’o in the skin of Nakia, which is none other than the supposed love interest of T’Challa and who walks in what looks like a nightclub. But it is also the whole team that is discovered during a confrontation against Erik Killmonger . And if they fight with sticks and swords, they also possess much more sophisticated weapons, which we can not wait to see what they are capable of! In short, the trailer of Black Panther has teased a lot of things and we cross our fingers to learn a little more about the characters! What did you like in the trailer?