Black Panther: The Wakanda is unveiled in a frenetic first trailer teaser!

Cinema 10 June, 2017

You were waiting for him, he was there! The first teaser trailer of Black Panther has just landed on the web. And be careful, it is as explosive as it is intense!
He’s there ! Suddenly, when we did not expect, the Marvel studios decided to surprise us. As melty announced yesterday, a Black Panther poster was unveiled to mentally prepare us for the arrival of his very first teaser and thus to the first real images of the film. What can make our impatience climb all of a sudden! Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa was pretty cool – even very cool – in Captain America: Civil War , with his particularly successful costume and his quest for revenge. And it is without counting his nobility and his courage! So, inevitably, it made us want to learn more about him and follow him in his own solo adventure. Until now, Unfortunately, there was not much to put under the tooth side details about the plot and the characters. But that was before the announcement of the arrival of the first Black Panther teaser ! So, what does it look like, this long awaited video?
And boy, oh boy, it’s exciting ! Fueled and action-packed and new characters, served by a song of Run the Jewels that sends, the teaser trailer throws us directly into the mysterious Wakanda . It begins by introducing two familiar faces, namely Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) already seen in Captain America: Civil War , and the abominable Ulysse Klaue (Andy Serkis), who evoke the country of T’Challa. And from there, we see a deluge of extraordinary images that show us not only our superhero and his Dora Milaje in action, but also the spectacular – and sometimes very futuristic – landscapes of Wakanda. This one had already a little revealed on concepts of arts of Black Panther but, there, It is full of eyes! No wonder it hides the mythical El Dorado!
But the trailer also gives us the opportunity to find Black Panther himself, both in his costume as a king and as a superhero. And he has lost none of his presence or his abilities (this waterfall with the car … whoosh!)! We also know briefly with Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), his antagonist in the hairstyle rather wtf but with sharp daggers. And we take advantage of it to see Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira in their warrior dress. And apparently, they have nothing to envy their sovereign in terms of mastering combat skills! So certainly this teaser trailer does not teach us much about the plot of Black Panther , but it does give us all the same a desire: See more ! One thing is certain, the film of Ryan Coogler looks very exciting! What do you think of the trailer?