Black Panther: What changes and what role for the villain Ulysse Klaue (Andy Serkis)?

Cinema 6 July, 2017

Ulysse Klaue (Andy Serkis) will be back in Black Panther, as the trailer proved! But what changes will it have undergone? And above all, what role could it play?

If T’Challa believed that after defeating Zemo and confronting his grief, caused by his father’s death, he would be quiet, he will be disappointed! Because the return to the fold will be accompanied by new battles and new events which our superhero would have done well. On the one hand, we have Erik Kilmonger, who will disembark with another villain in Black Panther and who will try to seize the throne of Wakanda. Then there is M’Baku, the famous Man-Ape, antagonist of T’Challa in the comics and whose role in the film remains very vague. And finally, there is a third disturbing element that we forget to mention and which, nevertheless, represents a major element of the universe of our superhero. The editing of melty obviously wants to talk about Ulysse Klaue (Andy Serkis)! But if, you know, this really unsympathetic villain who made his first steps in the MCU in.

The Avengers: Infinity War who traded vibranium on everyone’s nose and beard! Because it is clear now that this one will be back in Black Panther … and that it will have changed a little.

If you’ve seen Black Panther’s raving trailer, you’ve seen this strange scene between Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) and Klaue (also known as Klaw in comics). With his haggard and somewhat mad face, the villain evoked the Wakanda and his countless riches before turning directly to T’Challa and Okoye, who listened to him through the window. This introductory sequence has therefore raised quite a few questions, the most important of which being: how did Ulysse Klaue find himself in the hands of Everett? For the last time we saw him, the villain had just lost his hand after an explosion of anger Ultron and then take a few shots from the Avengers. Did they then deliver it to the authorities or did the trafficker get caught?
This question is all the more pertinent because he does not intend to remain for a long time a prisoner! For it would seem, from what can be seen in the trailer, that the villain will benefit from outside help to escape Everett’s surveillance. So yes, there is a good chance that Klaue plays a role, if not important, at least notable in Black Panther. And in the meantime, it will have undergone some modifications. Sufficiently, at least, to represent a real threat to T’Challa and his Dora Milaje …

We know indeed that the Ulysse Klaue of the film will have replaced his lost hand by … a cannon. So it becomes closer to the version present in the comics, in which it uses a sonic weapon for fighting T’Challa. Klaw should therefore prove to be much more dangerous than it already was! And it must also be believed that he developed a real obsession for the Wakanda, where he thinks he has found the mythical El Dorado. Moreover, he declares to be the first to have seen him and to have returned alive. And to see it with his expression a little crazy, we say that the good man, who always looked a little crazy, gives the impression of having a little more lost pedals! In any case, it is clear that Ulysse Klaue’s ambition is to get hold of the wealth of the Wakanda (the little we have seen of the character is enough to convince us). To do so, there is a good chance that he will ally himself with Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. Maybe the two villains have a deal, one helping the other so that they each get what they want? It remains to be seen whether we will witness a duel between T’Challa and Klaw!