Black Panther: Will the Soldier of the Winter (Sebastian Stan) be in the film?

Cinema 19 July, 2017

Will we have the pleasure of seeing Bucky Barnes in the film centered on Black Panther? Sebastian Stan gave the answer!

Is Bucky Barnes still sleeping at T’Challa? The last time we saw Captain America’s BFF, he fell asleep for a long nap at the Wakanda. Yeah, Bucky’s state after his brainwashing at Hydra is very unstable and even though Steve Rogers believes in his friend and his mental strength, Bucky does not trust him. At the end of Captain America Civil War he remained a sought-after man and found refuge in a nation that few know but many underestimate. When Cap ‘warned that enemies could land to recover Bucky, T’Challa had simply replied “Let them come”. BADASS!

So will Bucky be awakened just in time for the solo adventures of Black Panther scheduled for February 2018? Sebastian Stan was present at the D23 to present the first images of Avengers Infinity War and announced whether or not he would pass a head in the film and his answer leaves no room for the rumor since he announced: “I do not I’m Not in Black Panther “. Good bah here, put the banners, the pictures, the signs I LOVE YOU BUCKY, it remains with Morpheus and will only awaken for Avengers Infinity War! If the Winter Soldier’s absence weighs in your hearts, you’ll be consoled with these new unveiled Black Panther photos unveiled for the Comic Con 2017!