Blade Runner 2049: 5 things you did not know about the original movie

Cinema 8 March, 2017

Because for now, the sequel to Blade Runner remains a real mystery, we will content ourselves with making you discover more about the original film!
More than thirty years after the release of Blade Runner in 1982, a series of adventures by Rick Deckard, the “hunter” of Replicant played by Harrison Ford, is on the way, with Ryan Gosling casting and Denis Villeneuve in production, And Ridley Scott Square. But if a first trailer and some photos were unveiled, it is clear that they do everything to hide the plot of the film and we do not know much about Blade Runner 2049 in the end . It is only if we know that Ryan Gosling will incarnate a certain officer K. Planned for October 4, 2017, one even comes to wonder if they will give us other clues before, or leave us in complete darkness Until the film’s release in theaters. In short, we are clearly frustrated. But we also decided not to let ourselves be defeated and if we can not learn more about Blade Runner 2049 , why not enrich his culture on the original film? This is what Melty’s editorial offers you by discovering 5 things that you probably do not know about Ridley Scott’s film!
1) Harrison Ford was not the first choice for Rick Deckard
At the very beginning of the project, Ridley Scott had planned the role of Rick Deckard for Dustin Hoffman . The actor even worked several months on the project, before leaving the ship following discrepancies on the character’s psychology and “a story of sub” . Eventually, Harrison Ford will inherit the role, and it is now difficult to imagine the replicant “hunter” as someone else.
2) Blade Runner almost had a completely different title
Before calling himself Blade Runner , the film went through several different names. At the very beginning, in particular, it was codenamed “Mechanismo and Dangerous Days” . Not really fun, you get it. Then Ridley Scott found the world of Batman sticking to the atmosphere of the movie, so he had a long time for the film to be called “Gotham City . ” Yes, you heard right. Unfortunately, Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, did not want to give him the rights and the director finally decided to opt for “Blade Runner” , in tribute to a novel by Alan E. Nourse.
3) The original atmosphere had nothing to do with that of the film at its release
Taken from a book by Philip K. Dick entitled “Androids Dream of Electric Sheep , ” the plot was originally scheduled to take place in 1992 in a Los Angeles plunged into a glacial age. But on a small budget, the film team could not carry the scenery to the north of the US and had to slightly change the atmosphere, from snowy landscapes to an underground, polluted, dirty and retro-futuristic Los Angeles.
4) The Star Wars Cameo that you surely missed
In the scene where Rick Deckard is carried aboard his Spinner at the Central Police, a familiar vessel is seen in the background. Normal, it is actually the Millennium Falcon , the Han Solo ship in the Star Wars saga ! An Easter Egg rather amusing when we know that Rick Deckard and Han Solo are both embodied by Harrison Ford. Perhaps it will be found in Blade Runner 2049, whose new photos were unveiled?
5) What does the first scene of the film mean?
It is on a close-up of a frozen eye in which the reflection of a flame crackles that opens Blade Runner. But what does that mean? Asked about the question, Ridley Scott explained that this eye was none other than an “Orwellian metaphor of Big Brother” , or how our society is moving towards a totalitarian state, controlled by an oligarchy of brands. A little fucked by the hair, is not it? So, did you know all that?