Blade Runner 2049: 9 unpublished photos of the film unveiled

Cinema 30 December, 2016

Blade Runner 2049, continuation of the cult film of Ridley Scott, is revealed today through 9 photos unpublished!

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, currently a hit in cinema with his film First Contact , Blade Runner 2049 has everything a promising project. And for good reason: the film’s action takes place after the cult Blade Runner , at the time directed by Ridley Scott, who officiates here as a producer. Harrison Ford, which made a poignant tribute to the side of Mark Hamill and George Lucas in the late Carrie Fisher , will resume his role here Deckard almost 35 years after the first game. In short, Blade Runner 2049 is announced in the vein of its predecessor while adding the personal touch by Denis Villeneuve. Entertainment Weekly has unveiled 7 totally new photos.
And we discover Ryan Gosling, who has many times proved its potential sexy , driving a car accompanied by the actress Ana De Armas. But that’s not all because the actor also poses with Harrison Ford who will share the stage with him . Ridley Scott, although producer of the film, also appears in full working as Denis Villeneuve, installed comfortably in his seat. The photos give the tone of Blade Runner in 2049 and settled the visual atmosphere that should take the film. Finally, Entertainment Weekly shared its next cover with a Blade Runner in 2049 . The site, still number 1 on the scoops around the cinema, still strikes a hard time! What do you think of these pictures?