Blade Runner 2049: Dave Bautista Tease a very cool role

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Dave Bautista is one of those who know what we will book the movie Blade Runner 2049. If he must keep the secret, he tease his role a little!
It took 30 years of patience to fans Blade Runner to finally get a sequel! A very long wait will finally be rewarded on October 4th when the Blade Runner Sequel 2049 release in theaters. At the casting we will find Harrison Ford, but also Ryan Gosling and Lennie James (The Walking Dead). 3 players will be joined by Dave Bautista made us die laughing in the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 , when he openly mocks Star-Lord before the entire team. There is no doubt that his role in Blade Runner in 2049 will be very different from Drax and the actor said: “It’s a very cool role, but I think the film itself will be huge, a like Guardians (…). This is not the same excitement because people have waited 30 years after Blade Runner, anticipation is high ” .
So how was his experience on the shoot? Well know that Dave Bautista is a real fanboy when it comes to … Ryan Gosling! He reveals: “It was strange I am embarrassed at the idea to admit it, but the most exciting thing for me on the set – and I love Harrison Ford, I’m a huge fan of Harrison Ford – but the most exciting thing for me was to play with Ryan Gosling. I could not help but make him hugs the poor ” . Go Dave, in your place we would have done the same!