Blade Runner 2049: Intrigue, universe, characters … all that we know about the film

Cinema 20 February, 2017

Plot, universe, characters … melty takes stock of all the rumors and information around Blade Runner 2049!
We can safely say: Blade Runner in 2049 is one of the most anticipated films of the year in the field of science fiction with Ghost in the Shell, 8 Star Wars or Alien Covenant . Fortunately, fans can wait for information about the 1982 cult film directed by Ridley Scott and here by Denis Villeneuve. To begin with, the latter decided to focus on artisanal special effects . In an interview for Variety , the man said: “It’s great for me, I can tell you that I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of green bottoms used during these shorter shoots !”
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What is known about Blade Runner 2049?
Denis Villeneuve also added “Of course, there will be CGIs, but we have tried to limit them. I am someone old enough, I wanted to do my aliens in animatronics .” Blade Runner 2049, of which Dave Bautista has teased a very cool role , thus risks to propose a very interesting visual universe. With Denis Villeneuve at the helm, the film can only be good. But then what will this long-awaited sequel tell ? On this side, the filmmaker is rather discreet but explains that “the first film had a polar side, very black, very melancholic, the themes evoked were those of the existential crisis .. Blade Runner 2049 is not far from these subjects , We tried to keep the same atmosphere … ”
The characters of Blade Runner 2049, which revealed 9 unpublished photos , are also likely to be numerous. To the delight of the fans of the first opus, Harrison Ford will resume its cult role which helped to make it known all over the world (with Indiana Jones and Star Wars ). Ryan Gosling, who currently plays in LaLaLand , will hold the top spot, confirming that he is one of the best actors of our generation. Lennie James, known for his role in The Walking Dead, has nothing to say about his character and teased a filming more secret than that of the series ! Only Bautista was generous “It’s a very cool role, But I think the film itself is going to be huge, a bit like The Guardians (…). This is not the same excitement because people waited 30 years for the sequel to Blade Runner, the anticipation is very great . ” Finally, it could be that one of the 4 replicants of the original film is present. .