Blade Runner 2049: Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in a face-to-face strain on new images

Cinema 13 July, 2017

K (Ryan Gosling) and Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) finally come up with new images of Blade Runner 2049. And beware, things look a little tense!

Who said K (Ryan Gosling) and Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) were going to get on well? One is apparently a Blade Runner, plunged into a dangerous investigation. The other is a former Blade Runner – and possibly a Replicant – that disappeared thirty years earlier. And who would perhaps like to be left alone? Unlucky, he will find himself involved in K’s investigation, whose ins and outs are still unknown, and, inevitably, will eventually have to face various threats. Of what to put it a little on the teeth, especially that to live hidden, like that, in the long run, it does not have to be very good for the nerves. So to say that the first encounter between K, probably also of the suspicious kind, and Deckard is likely to be tense, although, as the trailer of Blade Runner 2049 proved, the two characters will eventually associate. Besides, we have proof in pictures that the two men will not necessarily all the time on the same wavelength!

Thanks to the magazine Empire, which dedicated its cover to Denis Villeneuve’s film, we were able to discover new images featuring the two characters. And as you can see, the location does not look super comfortable! On the first photo, we see Deckard pointing his weapon at K. It is probably an image taken from the scene of their first encounter, the apartment with sepia tones in which takes place this face to face having already been presented In the very first trailer of the film. Change of scenery on the other hand for the second picture, which looks more like coming from a sequence happening in a kind of nightclub quite luxurious. And if Deckard no longer has a gun in his hand, he also does not look quite frankly delighted, his jaw and his clenched fists revealing a certain tension in him. These two pictures do not teach us anything about the plot of Blade Runner, let alone the real identity of K. But they allow us however to find the atmosphere so peculiar that seems to characterize it. And to remind us that October 4, 2017, the date of release of Denis Villeneuve’s film, is still far away!