Blade Runner 2049: Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford team up in a new intriguing trailer

Cinema 9 May, 2017

Until now very mysterious, Blade Runner 2049 finally raises the veil on some things in a new trailer of the most splendid.
What’s going to happen in Blade Runner 2049 ? No one really knows. All that is known about the film for now is that it will take place 30 years after the events of the first part and that Rick Deckard, incarnated by Harrison Ford, is missing. A new Blade Runner, a Los Angeles police officer named K, played by Ryan Gosling , takes over but will discover a long-buried secret that, if made public, would have the power to plunge the rest of The population in total chaos. This is rather intriguing and if until now we were not sure what role Harrison Ford would play in all this, a new trailer unveiled yesterday raises the veil somewhat. Apparently the character of Ryan Gosling will be looking for him, To find answers to his questions. But they will finally have to associate when the latter is going to be prosecuted. And this is where the character of Jared Leto comes into play!
The character of Jared Leto is indeed none other than a builder of replicants and thus seems to be the great villain of this film. In any case, it does not bode well. Robin Wright, who represents a representative of some form of authority, and Dave Bautista, who played a very cool role for him in Blade Runner 2049 . Planned for October 4, the film finally unfolds, although the biggest mystery of the plot remains: what is this famous secret? “Prepare to be on the teeth ,” said Ryan Gosling during the presentation of the trailer by Warner Bros. No need to prepare, because after this trailer of the most intriguing, on the teeth is already.