Blade Runner 2049: Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford on two new posters

Cinema 5 May, 2017

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford appear on two new posters of Blade Runner 2049, to be discovered in theaters on October 4th.
The film is highly anticipated, but the mystery remains great about what we will discover in Blade Runner 2049 next October. Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford appear today on new promotional posters and if one seems a little lost in an apocalyptic world, the other seems determined. While a first teaser of Blade Runner 2049 was unveiled a few months ago , we look forward to a new trailer of the film directed by Denis Villeneuve to which we owe, for example, the Oscar-nominated film Premier Contact . In the legend of the poster on which Harrison Ford is located, you can read: “You know his past, discover his future”.
Blade Runner 2049 will plunge us 30 years after the events of the first film as a new Blade Runner, a Los Angeles police officer named K (Ryan Gosling), discovers a secret buried for a long time which, if discovered, Would have the power to plunge the rest of the population into total chaos. In his K investigation will trace Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former policeman and Blade Runner, missing for 30 years … If the first film is a bit far in your memories, it reveals all that Know about Blade Runner !