Blade Runner 2049: Ryan Gosling looking for Harrison Ford in the new trailer

Cinema 18 July, 2017

Several months before its release, Warner Bros unveils the second trailer of Blade Runner 2049. In this one, one discovers Ryan Gosling in search of Harrison Ford.

The original was released in 1982, 35 years ago, yet fans still have not forgotten. The proof: the continuation of this cult film is expected of foot (very) firm by all those who adored the adventures of Rick Deckard. This time, Ryan Gosling will slip into the skin of K, an LAPD officer, whose goal will be to hand over Rick Deckard, interpreted by Harrison Ford. And the first face-to-face confrontation between the two men in Blade Runner 2049 is likely to be a bit tense, as shown by photos of the film recently unveiled. But no panic, we know thanks to the first trailer revealed several weeks ago, that the two men will still end up finding a common ground and associate. It makes you want to, eh? So for those who did not want to wait until October 4, date of release of the film, to discover the ins and outs of the plot, good news: the new trailer of the film, directed by Denis Villeneuve , To which one owes already the spectacular First Contact or the intense Prisoners, was unveiled. Prepare yourself, it’s pretty mind-blowing!

In this trailer, one discovers Ryan Gosling in search of Harrison Ford, convinced that he could help him to solve his investigation. Disappeared since his escape with the replicant Rachael, Rick Deckard explains to K that “he had his job there was a time” and that “we were chased”. “We” means “we replicants”? What other “chased” group could the former Blade Runner belong to? It will most likely be necessary to wait until the film is released to finally discover the true identity of the character played by Harrison Ford. In this new trailer, one can also learn that Ryan Gosling will not hesitate to compete with the impressive Dave Bautista, in addition to the great villain Jared Leto, to solve his investigation. Confronted with a dangerous secret, will he succeed in preventing the world from falling into total chaos? And then, as we suspected, combat scenes, flying cars and high-tech gadgets of all kinds will be numerous! And the suspense will be there! We look forward ! But in the meantime, we plunge back into the first trailer more than intriguing Blade Runner 2049.